be royal (keychain)

be royal (keychain)


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This Braille keychain is the perfect accessory if necklaces are to flashy for you! It is completely handmade and hand written with a creamy white clay body. The word be royal is written dot by dot in the level one Braille alphabet. The Braille dots are plated with real gold. This keychain is a subtle way to make a big statement! It is sure to WOW your friends and family as they are the ultimate gift. They are made in very small batches and no two are alike. 

All keychain are made with gold, but silver and metallic free are also options if gold is not your thing. If you wish to have a custom color please order under the custom order page.  

You can also choose to create your own unique word under the custom Braille orders page. 

(Please allow 3 weeks for all custom orders) 

These keychain are handmade, so they may vary slightly from the image.

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