Walk In Love- Tanzania

In July of 2016 I will travel to Arusha, Tanzania to volunteer with Walk in Love International. Walk in Love International, Inc is a registered NGO and Not-for-profit. Their mission is to assist and support vulnerable families that are struggling to keep their children, a child relative, or an orphan in their homes and communities. They focus on empowering women, families and communities through their programs. I will be volunteering for Walk In Love-Made With Love. This program is dedicated to empowering women by sending them to vocational schools and teaching them different trades and skills.

The idea of this journey and my involvement began last summer when my dear college friend and Founder of Walk in Love International, Aubree McClelland Packard, invited me to come to Arusha to volunteer in my skills as a potter and train the women and families of Walk In Love in the ceramic arts.

The women will be trained to make a quality, functional items that can be sold to support their families. By supporting my trip to Arusha you will be supporting a mother, you will be supporting her small business, and you will give her the empowerment she needs to take care of her family and children.


As of March 1st, every purchase made on my website will go directly into a savings account. 100% of the proceeds will be used to fund my trip and any added expenses that will occur. Any additional money made will be used to purchase ceramic tools that I will leave with the women of Walk In Love.

You can also simply make a donation if you would prefer!

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For every donation you make, you will receive a small hand made token of my appreciation! 


Thank you again for your support! I appreciate it more than you could possibly know!